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Solar Energy Cost Saving Solutions for Cape Town Guest Houses

Condor Solar has been advising and assisting guest houses in the Cape Town to 'go green' by recommending and installing renewable energy solutions that are not only great for the environment, but are also saving the owners money on their monthly electricity bills.

Free Quote

Condor Solar does an obligation free assessment and supplies a detailed recommendation of the steps needed to be taken.

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Case Study for A PV Solar Panel Installation for SMME or Home Businesses

For most households Eskom loadshedding is an inconvenience, but for SMME and specifically home businesses, power outages and loadshedding can be deeply problematic. Lost productivity and security concerns are uppermost for most business owners.

If you operate a small / medium enterprise or run a business from home, then you should seriously consider investing in the following basic solar PV system:

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What is a PV solar system?

It is important to understand how a PV Solar Panel electricity generating system differs from a solar water heating system or solar geyser.

In addition, the components that make up a Solar Panel system are designed not only to generate electrical energy, but also to regulate and store electrical energy.

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Is PV Solar electricity generation becoming a more affordable solar option?

Can I run my whole house on solar power and be independent of the grid and get rid of the Eskom problem?

The answer is yes, of course you can. There are however certain things that need to be in place, and it is an expensive exercise.

But the return on your investment is enormous and over a relatively short time period. And it keeps paying.

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Solar geyser and water heater rebate programme update

The Department of Energy has announced the transitional arrangements for the implementation of the national solar water heater (SWH) programme.

From the 2 February and until further notice the Department of Energy has made available a capped total of rebates for only 5000 installations of solar water geysers and water heating systems, nationally.

No further subsidies will be available under this interim programme once this cap is exceeded.

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Cheaper oil prices is a game changer for South Africa

At $40 per barrel, South Africa's GDP could lift by as much as 1.1% according to the Oxford Economics Group.

So why have Solar stocks fallen in line with plummeting oil prices?

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Global solar pv installed capacity to more than treble by 2020

The global cumulative installed capacity of solar PV modules will more than treble from 135.66GW in 2013 to 413.98GW by 2020, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.

The company’s latest report states that emerging economies in Asia-Pacific, South and Central America and the Middle East and Africa are expected to be the major markets in the future, due to an increasing focus on renewable energy proliferation to fuel economic growth.

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Everything you need to know about Solar Water Heating in Cape Town

Solar Water Heating Systems (SWH) are a renewable energy technology that heats cold water using the sun’s energy. The solar energy is absorbed by the panels or collectors, usually installed on top of the roof, and heats cold water.

Solar water heaters are a form of thermal heating, which relies on the direct energy emitted by the sun.

This is in contrast to other Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems which convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar Water Heating Systems are a good investment, especially for households with a monthly electricity bill exceeding R1200. 

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Is your roof suitable for a Solar PV installation?

There are a few considerations when deciding whether your roof is suitable for a solar PV installation.

This is one of the reasons why it it important to have a solar energy professional provide a thorough assessment of your roof.

- Roof size
- Structural integrity of the roof
- Roof orientation and shade
- Correct angle depending on the latitude

The above factors must all be considered.

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Learning from Cape Town’s largest PV rooftop installation: Black River Park

Black River Park’s solar PV installation is one of the largest rooftop installations in the country (Image Source: Jonathan Ramayia)

In one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs, Observatory, lies an uber-modern office park powered by cutting edge solar photovoltaic technology.

The Black River Park (BRP) solar PV plant, which currently stands at a capacity of 700 kWp adds to a growing number of commercial solar PV installations popping up on roofs across the Mother City. 

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