Condor Solar Current Inverters

Solar Current Inverters are the components of a solar electricity generating system that convert Direct Current (DC) generated by the photovoltaic solar panels (PV Panels) using the suns’ energy into Alternating Current (AC) to be used by for example household appliances such as televisions, fridges, stoves, lights, chargers, etc.

Inverters are connected:

  • In off-grid situations such as:

1. Remote rural areas or where it is too expensive to have a grid-tied electricity point installed
2. In households wishing to remove themselves from Eskom dependency entirely
3. In seldom used locations such as holiday homes

  • In grid-tied situations such as:

1. Households wishing to reduce their monthly electricity bill
2. Commercial / industrial applications looking to reduce costs, to go ‘green’, to reduce their carbon footprint

  • In hybrid situations for example a household that wishes to reduce its monthly electricity bill while still having essential services / equipment such as alarm / CCTV for security; television / internet for entertainment; internet / computer / phone charger for business; fridge for beer, light and television for quality of life up and running during Eskom rolling blackouts or power failures.

There are two types of Solar Current Inverters available: pure sinewave inverters and non-sinewave inverters (which are cheaper)

Condor Solar recommends the use of pure sinewave inverters as they are suitable for all types of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.Domestic household appliances such as fridges, pumps, television, music systems will not operate as effectively with non-sinewave inverters.

Condor Solar only installs City of Cape Town approved inverters in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural grid-tied and hybrid PV Solar Electricity Generation systems such as the Fronius, Victron and SMA ranges.

These high performance, high quality inverters are of the best European technology available and have been approved by the City of Cape Town for use in legal embedded residential generation sites.

These inverters carry 10 year factory warranties with service centres in South Africa.