Solar PV Panels and Inverters with Condor Solar Energy Solutions

Generating your own electricity with PV (Photo-Voltaic) panels is the greatest benefit of solar energy. Depending on the solution you select, you may save progressively more depending on your budget spend.

An investment in Solar Energy is truly an investment that provides a growing return over many years. It is not simply about reducing your exposure to an increasingly unreliable Eskom power utility company, but also about a growing environmental awareness

Solar Electricity Generation is simply the use of a number of Photo-Voltaic Solar panels (PV Panels) with regulators on a North-facing roof, connected to an DC/AC Inverter (Converting DC current to AC power) to make the generated electricity usable by the household.

The generated power may be stored in a battery backup system.The system further requires special mountings and monitoring equipment.

Under specific conditions excess power may also be fed back into the national grid for the household's gain.

There are essentially 3 types of PV Solar systems:

  • Grid Tied or Connected - Can draw electricity from the National grid when the sun isn't shining or when you need more energy than you are creating. You can also feed the excess electricity you produce into the grid. There is no need to have an expensive battery bank system. The investment cost is thus reduced by half.
  • Hybrid System - A combination of the other two, but mainly used to provide emergency power to essential household appliances.
  • Off-Grid - You are not connected to the National Grid at all and your system is completely autonomous. This is suitable for remote areas where access to the grid is not readily available. It can be relatively expensive for an ordinary household due to the battery backup solution required.


Solar PV Panels Installations

Saving money and making a long term investment are one and the same thing, especially if your investment will generate savings over the years

Solar PV panel electricity generation is recommended for buildings with large north facing roofs.

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Solar Current Inverters

Condor Solar supply and install quality solar current inverters for all PV Solar Panel solutions.

All Condor installed Solar Current Inverters come with 10 year factory warranties with service centres in South Africa and typically have a lifespan of 35 years.

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Solar PV Panel Mounting

It is important to use the correct Solar PV panel Mounting System on your roof so that you get the correct operating inclination for maximum efficiency.

It also prevents premature corrosion, slippage and damage to your PV Solar Panels.

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