Solar Energy Management

Plugwise – Sole SA Distributor

Plugwise is a total package for buildings and residential homes that will save the user up to 20% of the total energy bill by gaining insight into the energy usage and controlling it.


Features of Plugwise:

  • real-time insight into the energy consumption of every device in the home / office; every room / office; and / or every floor
  • insight into historical data for comparisons
  • one button wireless on/off for devices, rooms, offices and/or floors
  • wireless measuring and reporting of temperatures and humidity
  • wireless measurement, reporting and switching based on movement detection
  • insight into any solar energy production by:
    • Realtime overview of the energy production
    • Overall performance of the solar panels
    • The consumption and net yield of panels
    • Calculates ROI of systems and panels
    • records building / house inventory per office / room (lighting, devices)
    • floor plan control
    • connectivity to computer, tablet or smartphone

Other Energy Management Systems



The most precise way to control a sophisticated solar system is by a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Such PLC may have several time and temperature dependent functions, but mainly it compares the temperatures at the solar water heating collector and in the geyser.

Whenever the temperature at the solar collector is higher than in the tank, the pump will circulate water.

There are at least two sensors installed at the solar energy collector and in the

A LCD display will keep you informed about the stage of the actual process.

This sophisticated solar energy technology makes the solar water heating system highly efficient but at the same time requires care during programming and during operation.