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Reducing Costs in Cape Town Retirement Villages with Solar Water Heating

Condor Solar, in conjunction with Cape Town Solar Energy system supplier SunScan, have been installing SunScan 150 litre evacuated tube solar water heating systems on cottages in Pinewood Village.

Pinewood Village consists of almost 200 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages situated in the heart of the “Garden City” of Pinelands Cape Town.

Almost half of the cottages have a solar water heating system installed currently. This is set to rise in 2015 as more SunScan 150 litre pumped evacuated solar tube systems are installed monthly.

Pinewood Village along with SunScan and Condor Solar decided on evacuated tube technology due to a couple of factors:

• The need to standardise all the installations;
• Some of the cottages are east / west facing;
• Evacuated tube systems are more efficient than flat plate technology especially for east / west orientated roofs;
• Savings needed to be optimized across all seasons, even in winter.

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