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Solar geyser and water heater rebate programme update

The Department of Energy has announced the transitional arrangements for the implementation of the national solar water heater (SWH) rebate programme.

From the 2 February and until further notice the Department of Energy has made available a capped total of rebates for only 5000 installations of solar water geysers and water heating systems, nationally.

No further subsidies will be available under this interim programme once this cap is exceeded.

Although the terminated Eskom Solar water heating rebate levels will be maintained in the transition period under the interim solar water heating rebate programme with the Department of Energy, far reaching changes are being planned for the new solar geyser rebate programme.

Going forward a new rebate scheme will be introduced and subsidies will be offered with considerations regarding local content.

A sliding scale commensurate with local content will apply and products with the highest verified local content will attract the highest rebates.

This is being done to encourage manufacture of solar water heating equipment by local South African industry and will therefore impact on the future choice to install imported solar geyser equipment as these solar components will not be subsidised under the new solar geyser water heating rebate programme.

A new mandatory electronic data collection and verification system has also been developed for the solar water heating rebate programme.

With regard to fully-rebated Solar Water Heating systems under the social programme, only those local products that have met the SABS verification requirements will be eligible for receiving subsidies under the social SWH programme.

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