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Is PV Solar electricity generation becoming a more affordable solar option?

Can I run my whole house on solar power and be independent of the grid and get rid of the Eskom problem?

The answer is yes, of course you can. There are however certain things that need to be in place, and it is an expensive exercise.

But the return on your investment is enormous and over a relatively short time period.

You will need amongst others:

• Enough north facing unshaded roof space to fit solar panels on to generate enough energy for your needs (panels are generally around 1,7m by 1m);
• Equipment will include a number of solar panels, regulators, inverter/s, cabling, mounting structures and batteries.

A stepped approach to getting energy independent is the way to go.

• Replace all incandescent, spotlights and downlighters with CFL’s / LED’s;
• Replace electric water heating systems with solar water geysers;
• Where possible and feasible, replace electric appliances such as stoves with gas and old electric appliances such as fridges / freezers / washing machines with the latest energy efficient models (AA OR AAA, etc.);
• Change your habits and become environmentally conscious (switch off lights not being used, do not leave fridge open while doing something else, wash clothing only once a week where feasible, time washing so as to use sun to dry, hand wash dishes instead of dishwasher, etc.);
• Generate your own electricity using solar panels and store what you require for nights and / or load shedding on batteries.

How much will PV Solar cost you in Cape Town?

Each household is obviously different, so to reduce your bill down to a couple of hundred rand monthly (connection fees and usage in times of bad weather), an average 3 bedroom house with 4 people with standard household equipment will probably have an electricity bill of around R3 500 per month before any changes have been made.

The lighting replacement exercise could cost R 5 000, and the solar water heating R 25 000. This should translate into savings of around R 1 200 to R 1 500 per month.

The remaining R 2 000 per month can be reduced with PV solar electricity generation.

For example 12 x 300W A-grade photovoltaic panels with 4Kva true sine wave in-line inverter and battery charger with 100Ah/ 24V battery bank and smart energy monitor with remote controlled software will produce 20KW Hrs per day.

The cost here will be around R125 000.

There are of course options available where a smaller number of Solar PV panels are purchased up front and added to later as well as limiting the battery bank to start with and thus also which equipment can be kept running at night without using electricity from the grid.

All of these options can be discussed and a solar system tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us on [email protected] or 021 – 685 1960 or 072 960 7368 for your solution.


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