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Fumbled pass by DoE forces Eskom to pick up the ball again

The Solar rebate programme administration has been returned to Eskom after the Department of Energy proved unable and / or unwilling to manage the process.

The administrative impasse resulting from the botched transfer of the Solar rebate programme almost crippled the fledgling Solar Geyser installation industry and put 1000's of jobs and many small businesses at risk.

It also posed a serious risk to Solar equipment manufacturers and suppliers who saw sales dwindle to virtually zero.

This came against a background of government promoting Energy Awareness to help the country become more energy efficient.

Many consumers were waiting for the new solar geyser rebate programme before going ahead with installing solar water heating systems.

The new system was set to enforce mores stringent local manufactured solar equipment content conditions, while making it easier to claim the rebate using an internet based validation system.

Consumers can now rely on the original rebate conditions that assured them of up to R10 000 back for a Solar Geyser installation.

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